Our Services

Software development

We develop software solutions in accordance with the client’s needs. During our work, we fully cover the application life cycle or its sub-areas, from the preparation of a feasibility study, through implementation to maintenance.

Technologies: we help our clients to find the most suitable software solution through the latest technologies and our expertise. We help our clients to find the most cost-efficient solution either by restructuring an existing system or by developing new solutions.

System development

Feasibility studies: With a thorough examination of demands, expectations and ideas, we explore whether a product can be developed out of an idea and if yes, how.

Architectures: The quality and maintainability of a product highly depends on the system architecture planned and worked out at the beginning. The success of the whole project may depend on the well-planned system specification. Our expertise in the field of multi-layer and distributed systems helps us to find the optimal solutions for our clients. We put a special focus on system safety.

Project planning: In order to develop the product in the required quality out of the plans by the deadline, it is inevitable to properly sequence the available resources. It is important for us that our clients could ground on the plans we set, so we can avoid unexpected surprises.

Project management

Our project leaders who have a wide international experience contribute to planning and managing the project plan. We ensure the project’s success whether it is about professional coaching, temporary support, or responsibility for a full project lifecycle. We ensure the optimal environment – planning tools, version control system, proper controlling – to increase the efficiency of the management. We prepare the suitable communication and escalation strategies and optimise the distribution of tasks.  

Management consulting

Many of our colleagues have spent a long time in the field of management at international IT companies. Experience and knowledge gained during that time enable us to contribute to our partners’ development, to the solution for their problems even on executive level, moreover, to undertake the client’s management tasks for a limited time period. Our expertise helps to find the best solution for dealing with challenges caused by dynamic growth coming from the increase of orders or for the proper restructuring of a company’s structure in accordance with international expectations. Primarily, we serve business partners in German-speaking countries to develop cooperation strategies.

Technological consulting

We serve our clients with our more than 20 years of experience in software development and with our colleagues’ high professional preparedness, provided that our clients are seeking the optimal software solution with the latest technology, safety and cost efficiency. We support our clients whether it is about developing the primary goals or the auditing of an existing technological concept. It is evident for us that we help to solve the technological problems emerging in ongoing projects and to work on new solutions.


Our prepared colleagues are also available to do specific parts of a task as well. We can provide the proper specialist colleague whether the task is about developing a component or managing and leading a project. In order that our clients could focus on their core business excluding daily tasks arising from software development and management, a proper concept for outsourcing is inevitable. The screening of ongoing processing, defining the actual goals – from the aspects of resources and costs –, and the right partners are crucial to reach the best result. With regard to the long-term effect of these decisions, the concept should be in harmony with the partners’ planned development path.

Outsourcing strategy

Common trust, partnership and a thorough cooperation strategy are required in order that outsourcing could work properly from the beginning. Our experience of a decade in this field helps our clients to focus on their core business and not on IT tasks.

Project auditing

Our business partners often want to make sure that the developed concept(s) and project plan(s) will result in the goals defined at the beginning. In that phase, reviewing and modifying the plans can be made with a low budget risk, for which we provide support. In the case of ongoing projects, situations may also occur when reviewing whether project activities are running on the proper path compared to the original plans is required.  It helps the proper situation assessment in the case of especially complex tasks. In case of difficulties, we provide help in implementing path modifications and strategy rethinking.